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TRX is for everybody. Whether beginning a fitness journey or pushing towards yet higher goals, TRX Training helps you to move better, feel better, and live better. It’s perfect for beginners, runners, cyclists and marries perfectly with your Pilates or Yoga practice.

TRX Suspension Training makes gravity your resistance, so adjusting the level of difficulty is as easy as moving your hands or feet, and progression is limitless. It’s enhances you flexibility, balance, and coordination and is a great aerobic and strength workout. It’ll have your heart pumping after even a brief session. And it’s fun!

Independent science shows that Suspension Training® provides muscular and cardiovascular benefits that can amount to a “tremendous impact on an individual’s overall health.”


TRX, which stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise, was initially developed by Navy SEAL Squadron Commander Randy Hetrick. While on deployment in 1997 he created the first version of TRX using only a jiu jitsu belt and parachute webbing. Since then it’s become a global phenomenon and a community of fitness professionals, like our instructors at Imprint, being trained to become world-class TRX trainers.

Personal Training | Private or Semi-private

Imprint Personal training includes fitness/sport specific exercise and instruction by a certified instructor. Our one on one training focuses on your individual needs and will motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to clients through TRX, Athletic conditioning, HITT (high intensity intervals), functional Training technique, Pilates and Yoga using various props and small equipment.  At Imprint Pilates we are focused on restoring efficient movement patterns and improving overall function, through balancing strengths and weaknesses to help with optimal fitness, injury prevention and posture re-education in our Private studios. Personal training offers the ability to train at your own pace to achieve the goals you want. You can choose to to private or Semi-Private personal training.

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TRX Group Suspension Training is a convenient, effective way to combine strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance exercise into your workout routine. It's why so many athletes turn to TRX workouts. Our various TRX group classes are designed for beginners to those complimenting a sport, but you don't have to be a competitive athlete or sports focused to join and get the benefits of this type of strength training.  Our classes TRX classes can combine Pilates, Yoga to HIIT fitness- each class is unique fitness training tailored to needs and demands of the class participants. We recommend booking a Private Introductory Pilates or TRX sessions before joining our small group training classes so we can safely recommend which of our classes would be appropriate for you based on your individual fitness level and goals.