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Pilates Yoga TRX Rates

Intro Class w/ Package Purchase $70.00 $70.00
Each Class $86.00 $86.00
Package of 5 $405.00 $81.00
Package of 10 $770.00 $77.00
Package of 20 $1,480.00 $74.00

Private instruction & rates*

Your instructor will design a one-hour workout specifically for you. You and your instructor work together to meet your personal goals, including weight loss, muscle tone, strength training, or pain management. Private Introductory session $70 with a purchase of a package.

*All rates include HST

Intro Class $50.00 $50.00
Each Class $53.00 $53.00
Package of 5 $250.00 $50.00
Package of 10 $470.00 $47.00
Package of 20 $880.00 $44.00

Semi-private instruction & rates**

Bring your partner or Friend! If you have a partner or friend that you would like to work out with, semi-private classes could be for you! Instructors design a one-hour workout to meet your individual needs while the two of you advance together.

**Rates are per person and include HST.

Single Class $30.00 $30.00
Package of 5 $145.00 $29.00
Package of 10 $280.00 $28.00
Monthly Unlimited (all classes) $280.00 -
First Week Unlimited (all classes) $55.00 $55.00

Group reformer and/or TRX+

Small class sizes guarantee an intimate setting and personal attention so you are getting the most out of your training. TRX Group Suspension Training is a convenient, effective way to combine strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance exercise into your workout routine. We recommend booking a Private Introductory Pilates Reformer or TRX sessions before joining our small group training classes so we can safely teaching you how to use the equipment and recommend which of our classes would be appropriate for you based on your individual fitness level and goals.

*All rates include HST

Single Class $22.00 $22.00
Package of 5 $105.00 $21.00
Package of 10 $200.00 $20.00

Pre & Post Natal (Mom & Baby)

We offer both Private and group class options for pre and Post -Natal moms

Our specific group Pre & Post Natal classes are designed to be safe throughout your entire pregnancy from beginning to end, for both beginner mommy's-to-be but also welcomes those mommy's-to-be whom have practiced regular Pilates or Yoga prior to being pregnant (All Levels). Mama’s 6 weeks post-natal can start classes again once cleared by physician and baby’s 6 weeks until crawling welcome. We suggest a blanket for baby to lay on and a small toy to practice tummy time. All strollers can be left in our private studio ( ground floor). We encourage all clients to have taken some private sessions if they have never practiced Pilates before joining group training classes.

*All rates include HST

Each Class $20.00 $20.00
Package of 5 $95.00 $19.00
Package of 10 $175.00 $17.50
First Week Unlimited $25.00 -
Monthly Pass $200.00 -
Package of 5
(30 Day Expiry)
$80.00 $16.00

Group Pilates Matwork and/or Yoga

Small class sizes guarantee an intimate setting and personal attention, a mat-based one hour class, focuses on technique, stability and core strengthening while sculpting and toning both the arms and legs. We encourage beginners to complete a private intro session before taking the group class to cover the basic principles. Reformer classes not included.

*All rates include HST

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Booking Sessions

We book clients in with an instructor based on your schedule and available studio space. We¹re open Weekdays from 7am-9pm & Saturdays & Sundays 8am-6pm, by appointment. Let us know what days and times are ideal for you in the future and we can book you in with an available instructor, alternatively you can book directly through your instructor(s). At the time of booking we will ask you about your health history and if there are any injuries we should be aware of before you come in for your initial appointment as well as goals you wish to address. All private & semi-private appointment is 55 minutes.

What to expect in your Intro Session

In the intro session, your instructor will cover the basic Pilates Principles. In addition they will conduct a postural analysis, if needed, identify your strengths, weaknesses and any issues caused by injuries. We will also discuss what fitness goals you have been working on and outline a program that will help you achieve your goals. Each Intro Private & intro semi -private appointment is 50 minutes.

If possible, please aim to arrive 10 minutes prior to your initial session to fill out some paperwork, get introduced to the space and your instructor. Come prepared wearing something form-fitting that you'll feel comfortable working out in. We have change rooms if needed. You don’t need runners. The practice is done either with or without socks, whatever you feel comfortable.  

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Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your session, please notify us within 24 hours of your appointment or the day before we close at the latest.  Any same day cancellation will be charged for the session. We require your name, phone number and either a visa or MasterCard number to have on file for you and hold your appointment bookings and recommend you call us with that information.