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anita ivic

Imprint Pilates is one of Toronto’s best kept secrets. Founded by Anita Ivic in 2008, private, one-on-one Pilates training was the focus. At Imprint it’s not just private, it’s personal.

Anita started dancing ballet at a very young age, and as a student had the professional experience performing with notable artists and Dance companies.  Some of her memorable experiences where performing and working with artists Robert Desrosiers in productions of “Pinocchio” and ”Snow White”. She performed in the Nutcracker productions of the Kiev Ballet and Royal Winnipeg Ballet with Evelyn Hart as the companies toured in Ontario. Anita often performed with the Canadian Ballet Youth Ensemble and in a production starring Karen Kain and Frank Augustine.

Anita started practicing Pilates around the age of 11 after a car accident and continued with the method to compliment her dance training. Pilates helped her with rehabilitation and would later shape her career.

She received her BFA in Dance, from Ryerson University, Toronto, under the direction of Nadia Potts, where she was trained by Stelio Calagias, Vicki St. Denys, Allen Kaeja, Kenny Pearl, Karen Duplisea and also had the opportunity to work with up and coming Toronto choreographers Heidi Strauss and D.A. Hoskins to name a few. Anita completed her full training at Stott Pilates (now Merrithew) while in University. From there, Anita worked in physiotherapy clinics and Pilates studios across the Toronto area, ultimately founding Imprint Pilates.

Anita’s love of dance, Pilates, and movement continues to grow and inspire her to help others reach their mind-body movement goals and prove that the body is meant to move, continue to evolve, and be challenged. Anita believes in challenging yourself through mind-body exercise to be flexible, strong and pain free. Pilates is just one of the best natural ways to keep moving safely as we continue to change and evolve.

Anita is a mom and loves her daughter and son and dog Ellie, beyond the moon and back.  She loves the long days of summer, to laugh, dance and play. She is inspired by challenging, motivating and inspiring her family, students, clients and team to their individual personal best.  Anita has a lot of courage...with a sparkle of humour.  She lives life to win it.