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Our Instructors

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Our instructors

Our instructors and team of practitioners are a huge part of the essence of Imprint Pilates.  Imprint Pilates is their second home and we are group that works and grows together as a team.  Our core team has been at Imprint Pilates since its inception.  As the owner of Imprint Pilates I'm happy and honoured to have such an amazing team of people with so much knowledge and experience to offer clients.  They are great people, work hard and really take care of one another as a team.   This is instantly felt when you become an Imprint Pilates member.  Imprint Pilates becomes your second home and we are here to make you feel safe and foster your journey and help you with your fitness goals or health ailments.  Instructors give a lot of their time, knowledge, care and energy to each individual client and their individual needs. Some instructors have other passionate careers we fully support and our instructors will always come back to Imprint Pilates and most importantly make sure the clients they see are in good hands while they are away! Clients can be drawn to a single instructor or choose to work with multiple instructors as part of their programming.  Whatever you decide is your choice and we encourage working with as many of us as suits your schedule.