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Private & Semi-Private instruction

Private, one on one Pilates & Semi private training is our focus at Imprint Pilates! Working one-on-one is predominately the best way to reach your individual fitness goals and ensures you're maximizing your fitness regime based on your individual needs. We focus directly on your individual goals and desires, and you will see and feel the results immediately. As your body changes, one of our highly trained instructor will be there to modify, tailor and advance your workout to meet your changing needs. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned practitioner we will work with you to correct posture, strengthen muscle weaknesses and imbalances, relieve tension, and strengthen your core. Your body will be pain free, strong and flexible. At Imprint Pilates we are focused on restoring efficient movement patterns and improving overall function, through balancing strengths and weaknesses to help with optimal fitness and posture re-education in our fully equipped studio.

Working with a partner is fun, encouraging, but also makes you accountable. Together under a similar program and also with one of our highly experienced, and motivating Imprint Pilates, Yoga or TRX Instructor, we will guide you through a creative specialized program to meet or exceed both of your expectations.   

Reformer Pilates offers endless versatility and benefits while adding a new level of strength training. Our Small reformer group class (max 4) guarantees an intimate setting and personal attention. This reformer class is based on the Pilates matwork classes and builds exercises learnt on the mat. The reformer apparatus will introduce you to the pulley and springs which create the resistance training, essential to Pilates while continuing the principles and foundations of core work. You'll continue to identify your strengths, weaknesses and take your training to the next level. You will learn a series of reformer exercises targeting your core, back, legs and arms in a three-dimensional way. You'll feel yourself getting even stronger each week, gain new awareness of strength and correct your posture through core conditioning. The instructor will correct technique where they see suitable. Our Reformer group classes and geared experience practitioners who are comfortable with the mat work repertoire and have done private or semi-private lessons.

*Prerequisite: Beginners can book an intro private or semi-private session on the reformer to learn the basics Pilates principles, foundations and language in more detail before joining group training.

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Small group mat classes*

Our mat-based group classes are designed at an Intermediate level.  One of our trained instructors will lead you through a full body Pilates-based workout series focusing on core, back, leg and arm exercises. You'll feel yourself getting stronger each week, gain new awareness of strength, and correct your posture through core conditioning. The instructor will correct technique when beneficial. Our group classes are suitable for clients at a level one or two experience level and expect to move more quickly than in a Beginner or Level One class as it’s not geared for beginners who may need more correction and guidance.  You will be challenged and have fun!

*Prerequisite – We recommend beginners book and Private or semi-private introductory session to learn the basic Pilates principles, foundations and language before joining group classes with one of our highly trained Instructors. We encourage a strong foundation to progress safely and to understand the repertoire and correct muscle activation before joining group classes.  You are welcome to join group classes if you feel ready and can always book an introductory Private later if you still want.

Pre & Post natal:

We offer both Private and group class options for pre and Post -Natal moms

Private instruction is our focus and in those session you will utilize all the equipment safely.  Our specific group classes are designed for both beginner mommy's-to-be but also welcomes those mommy's-to-be whom have practiced regular Pilates or Yoga prior to being pregnant. We encourage clients to have taken some private sessions if they have never practiced Pilates before before joining group training classes.

Strengthen to support your baby while working your abdominals gently and safely all at the same time.  Through guided efficient movement patterns, you will relieve discomfort in the lower back and body as it changes. Pre and Postnatal Pilates creates a sense of centring, alignment and balance for your body building postural awareness throughout your pregnancy and postpartum recovery.  We focus on strengthening and toning the arms legs & back-side. Our instructors are trained to safely guide you throughout your pregnancy from beginning to end and will provide necessary modifications required for each trimester and stage as needed to suit our client’s individual needs.  We encourage you to move at your own pace and encourage breaks to keep exertion levels manageable. Exercises prescribed are ideal to prepare the body for labour and will ease the transition of postnatal recovery. We always ask that you are cleared by your GP to practice Pilates for Pregnancy. A healthy mind and body is a wonderful way to begin one of life's greatest journeys! And you will get a great workout!

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Physio Pilates is an integrative Program we offer with our on-site Physiotherapist. You will need to be assessed by our Physio to be approved, and each individual case must also be approved though your extended health coverage, as each plan is different. If you are approved, the Physiotherapist will prescribe the focus and one of the Imprint instructors will execute the program based on the Communication Plan which follows the College guidelines, supervision, and communication protocols.  For more information contact us directly.

Rehabilitation Pilates:

Pilates exercise for rehabilitation at Imprint Pilates is focused on restoring efficient movement patterns and improving function, through balancing strengths and weakness to help with pain management.  We offer Pilates instruction for injury, through a more therapeutic approach based on Pilates systematic movement approach to neuromuscular and posture re-education. We do not diagnose pain and do not treat the pain directly.  We recommend getting a detailed assessment with you family doctor to get the correct ultrasounds, x-rays or MRI’s if required for a diagnosis. Having a detailed understanding of your injury allows our instructors to prescribe optimal Pilates programming through movement strategies and we are trained to understand how your strengths and weaknesses correlate with pain and pathology.  Each instructor has a different background with more knowledge to offer and our onsite team of integrative health practitioners are able to provide tools to treat the pain directly. Pilates exercise is available for people of all ages, abilities and walks of life.